A Machine Learning Breakthrough at Google Has Engineers Asking…

Can Artificial Intelligence
Be “Brainwashed” Into
Making You More Money?

One Australia-Based Google Ads Expert
Says, “Yes!”

His Revolutionary NEW Google Ad
Breaks All the Old Rules to
“Train” Lifeless Google Ad Campaigns
to Sell Again…

His Revolutionary NEW Google Ad Strategy Breaks All the Old Rules to “Train” Lifeless Google Ad Campaigns to Sell Again…

Even In a Dreadful Economy!

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Dear Fellow Aussie and Business Owner,

If your Google Ads campaign has flatlined, THIS will be just the break you’ve been waiting for…

It’s said Google’s DeepMind research facility is close to achieving “HUMAN-LEVEL” artificial intelligence!

Why should YOU care?

Because these incredible machine learning advancements are already being “road tested” INSIDE Google’s ad algorithm.

In other words, Google’s NEXT cutting-edge innovation has ALREADY arrived…

And Most Business Owners
DON’T Realize It Yet!

And Most Business Owners DON’T Realize It Yet!

To be blunt, that means a handful of fast-acting entrepreneurs are going to “get in on the ground floor,” sync their ad campaign with Google’s NEWEST revisions, and hoard the LION’S SHARE of the profits… ALL TO THEMSELVES!

Meanwhile, their competitors will be asking, “What happened to all my customers?”

Which group would YOU rather be in?

Now you may be wondering…

“What’s The Big Deal? Doesn’t Google ‘Tweak’ Their Code All the Time?”

It’s true, they do! However, PIONEERING advancements – such as THIS ONE – are as RARE as Halley’s Comet itself.


It’s as if YOU had the chance to purchase Tesla stock at $17 bucks per share, but passed because no one told you electric cars were the future!

Well, let me spell it out for you – as an experienced, 20-year digital marketing analyst and long-time follower of Google – this is most certainly a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY.

Go-getting entrepreneurs, who are willing to ACT NOW, are GUARANTEED to capitalize on this groundbreaking NEW technology BEFORE their competitors do!

So, unless YOU want your most bitter rivals to beat you to the punch – leaving YOU to choke in THEIR dust – I’m confident you’ll want to hear EVERY last word of the brief – yet very important – message that follows.

G’day, mate! My name is Brett Simpson. I’m the proud founder of Constant Clicks.

We’re Australia’s most-respected authority on highly-profitable Google Ad campaigns and search engine optimisation strategies that WORK!

As a trusted Google Partner since 2012, Constant Clicks has managed…

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Constant Clicks has managed

Over $21 Million Dollars in Google Ad Spend

Across 147 Industries!

That’s a Grand Total of $65.3 Million Dollars in Sales For Australian Business Owners… Just Like YOU!

But I’m NOT here to brag…

I’m writing to you today because I want what’s BEST for YOU, YOUR business and YOUR family’s financial future.

The simple truth is, if you’re an Australian entrepreneur obsessed with peak Google Ad performance you have a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY before you… should YOU decide to seize it!

Missing the boat NOW quite literally means losing sales to your MOST RUTHLESS adversaries for years and YEARS to come!

On the other hand, getting on board and taking decisive action could be…

4.5 stars out of 53 reviews



Your First Step Towards REAL Fortune!

The choice is ultimately yours, but when life reaches out with an opportunity AS CLEAR AS THIS, it’s a sin if you don’t reach back!

In just a moment, I’m going to explain the EXACT STEPS you SHOULD take to protect your customers and cash flow.

But first, please allow me to explain…

Why Your Old Google Ad Strategy Simply WON’T Work Going Forward!

You see, over the years Google Ads has become more and MORE sophisticated.

In the old days, you could manage your account manually… much like a pilot would fly a small, single-engine plane.

Today, on the contrary, Google Ads is more like a Boeing 747 equipped with an ultramodern autopilot system on board.

Sure, you could fly a 747 the old-fashioned way, but you would be a fool to do so…

A much WISER and SIMPLER strategy is to let the PLANE handle some of the workload FOR YOU!

That’s PRECISELY where we’re at with Google Ads in the year 2022. But instead of an autopilot system, Google is equipped with cutting-edge artificial intelligence…

In fact, Google Ads is MUCH smarter than an airliner could EVER be. That’s because when you feed it the RIGHT DATA…

Want proof? Check out these
client RESULTS for yourself.

4.5 stars out of 53 reviews

You’ll Literally “Train” Google Ads To Achieve
MORE Sales

By Way of Miraculous
“Machine Learning!”

Now, I won’t sleep well if I’m not straight with you, so I want you to know it takes a little time in the beginning…

And just as you WOULDN’T attempt to housebreak a wild Siberian tiger all alone, you’ll want to call in a PRO to properly “train” your advertising account.

Be that as it may, in the right hands – using FIELD-TESTED and PROVEN techniques – alongside some skillful coaxing that can only be learned through experience…

Virtually ANY Google Ad Campaign Can Be Brought BACK FROM THE DEAD and FORCED To Cough Up Hundred Dollar Bills Faster Than a Broken ATM Machine!

When Google’s NEW ad algorithm is fine-tuned by a PRO? Making money becomes as EASY as taking candy from a baby.

These bold claims are NOT based on my opinion.

They’re rooted in the rigorous real-world measurements and observations of our elite research team here in the Constant Clicks labs. We’ve been following Google’s every move over the past eighteen months.

That means we’re UNIQUELY positioned to help you “reverse engineer” and successfully navigate these new changes!

The bottom line is this: if you want YOUR business to SUCCEED in the coming decade…

You Simply MUST Begin “Training” Google Ads How to Achieve the Results YOU Desire!

Anything less is GUARANTEED to result in failure and disappointment…

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Guaranteed Results!....So
...and nothing to lose.

Very simply, we’ve crafted a simple, four-step system that’s GUARANTEED to make YOUR Google Ads campaign profitable again.

This proprietary NEW system – which we’re calling AI-10X – is UNLIKE anything else on the market today.

We’re so confident AI-10X will train Google’s NEW machine-learning algorithm to bring YOU more customers and more sales or we don’t get paid. Sound fair enough?

4.5 stars out of 53 reviews